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cake walking babies from home___________________50minutes
film by Peter Leiss

An American pop culture odyssey...
through the artifacts of lost America we explore the New York art world, Andy Warhol, the '60s, the Beats, Mickey Mouse, the origins of Off Off Broadway, the American diner and the collectable mass market of Americana. Robert Heide, John Gilman and Hoop; the king of art, take us into their world, on an American pop culture odyssey.



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Cakewalking Again_____________________ 26 minutes
A film by Peter Leiss

It’s four years later and the boys are back. Taking us through historic Hoboken and into the world of Hoboken historian Jim Hans, Frank Sinatra land, The Miss America Diner and Hoop, the King of Art and his new work.

Music by the Tasmanian band
Cakewalking Babies from Home.

2005 – 2008




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