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Comments on CAKE WALK

I LOVED IT!  AND! I couldn't believe it but I know (by neighbourhood sightings) both those guys (Heide & Gilman)!!
 And, I've been seeing Hoop all over town for years. Glenn (who saw it with me) says one of the guys comes into
the biography bookshop all the time to check out how his tour guidebooks are doing.  He's actually pretty friendly
with the owners. It’s damn good! It has a wonderful Cinema Verite feel to it, almost as though it were done back
in the 60's.  You really NAILED NEW JERSEY!  And the best part is that your two protagonists are fabulous.
The great music along with sandwiching the whole film between the magnificent opening and closing shots of the
World Trade Center from Jersey lends it an eerie, almost macabre date stamp that somehow feels exactly right. 
Wish I had your talent.
Renee Barkan –NY Theatre Producer (2x4 Productions)

I've always loved the title. I think it intrigues in a fun way.
While the content of the film is not expressed, per se, by the title, it seems to read well to me and makes sense.
It ties things into another time and is simply fun…
John Currie –NY-based special education teacher   

I loved side tripping through New Jersey with the king of art. What a DUDE.
Robert Ashton –Melbourne-based photographer

We got your Cake Walk documentary last week and watched it immediately. Nobue and I both thought Cake Walk
was fantastic. What a hoot! Now I can picture your frustration when you thought the whole thing was off, and then
had to scramble to put it back together. It's really well done, great camera work and editing, and it really holds your
interest. What characters! Well done, all your hard work paid of…
John Deane –NY-based photographer

A few friends were visiting. A writer, an editor and other film related friends. So we watched Cake Walk. We all enjoyed it a lot.   It kept everybody absorbed in the ever-delivering flow of surprises, smart cuts, good photography and witty choices. It's a winner! It's truly brilliant because it’s a risky subject matter... and you pulled it off….  Great to get a glimpse into another world so different to what is available otherwise.  At first I was trying to make sense of the direction it was taking and soon I was being carried in the direction it was going... and I didn't care any longer where. I enjoyed the ride and letting someone else do the driving. I knew it was showing me around a neighbourhood full of pleasant surprises. Good editing. It flowed easily. I enjoyed seeing the excellent photography at the end. I recognized your eye. Good show!!
Gustav Alsina
–NM-based producer and cinematographer

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