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  Upon the Day in Australia_ 2008 On Federal Election Day 2004 in Melbourne we follow two candidates running at opposite ends of the political spectrum. (Berhan Ahmed for the Greens Party & Steve Fielding for the Family First Party)

 Concentrating on the human rather than the political aspects of this day is a rare entry into the world of multi-cultural Australian political belief
Amerikan Peephole_______2007
24 Americans from New Mexico and California weave a tapestry of pressing contemporary behavioral and social issues within a Kafka motif
  Urban Labyrinth________2007
A rapid narrative through our city... any city
a journey into a manic mosaic of mechanical assault Identification and belief
An American pop culture odyssey... through the artifacts of lost America we explore the New York art world, Andy Warhol, the '60s, the Beats, Mickey Mouse, the origins of Off Off Broadway, the American diner and the collectable mass market of Americana
The Bridge at Midnight
Nominated for Best Documentary, Australian Television Logie Awards 2007. Joint winner best documentary Real Life Film Festival 2006
Trybe______________ _2006
A conceptual theatre piece, incorporating dance, painting and music, a film commissioned by artist, Anthony Breslin
Music Video _______________
Etherland, Ian Rylen and the Love Addicts
Black Cab, Noemi Liba
  Corporate / Advertising
Chemical Bank NY, American Cancer Society, David Sage, Tony Ely Productions NY, Deutshe Bank AG, The Obsidian Club Cranbourne Christian College, Southern Cross Galleries
Fly on the Wall Theatre
Ropar! Ropar! _______ =2004
Pop art, promomonial paranoia piece, commissioned by the artist, Dennis Ropar
In Post Production

  An Australian Arsonist
in New York
Shot in early 2001 in Melbourne, Newcastle And New York City, it examines the nature of arson in our global culture as Phillip Corbett's play 'The Arsonist' is premiered by an all Australian Production Company in New York City
Doing My Head In________
Following the raw and humorous emotions of a young suburban theatre company as they prepare their sexual 'edutainment' production for the bright lights of the annual Melbourne fringe festival



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