the romper stomper series the first complete edition
This edition of 20 is the first ever produced of the complete Romper Stomper series in archival quality prints. Along with this edition of 20 sets, there will be 1 AP (Artist’s Proof), making the total prints in this edition not to exceed 21. This sum will be the absolute maximum number of prints ever created of these images in this medium worldwide.

No other complete edition is available except for a single incomplete vintage edition of 23 of the images (this vintage vision was the source against which the digital images were matched). These are in the estate of the artist and may be viewed upon request. No other prints were made as the negatives were lost in transit to the US at the time of the film’s American release.

The Romper Stomper Series stands as a fascinating record of the controversial film. This low run of editions makes this portfolio a unique investment opportunity, certain to appreciate strongly as a remarkable and original fine art series.